• ZUZA was born because we were bored.  

    Bored of mass manufacturing, thousands of bags with the same designs, and no exclusivity.

    Bored that the people bought bags to match the dress and not the other way around.

    Bored, even though there are so many exciting fabrics and prints around, bags don’t explore them much.

  • So, we created handcrafted, limited-edition Zuza bags that were exciting and reflected bold simplicity.

    So, the question is – ARE YOU BORED?

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  • Exciting- Super cool textures, funky prints, peppy colours, curvaceous shapes, amazing structures, crazy straps- we will surprise you every time.

  • Bold Simplicity- Zuza bags have
    simple lines, uncomplicated details, yet they pop out in a roomful of people.

  • Hand Crafted- We use traditional bag making skills of artisans with minimal use of machines.

  • Limited Edition- We always make limited editions of each style.